Our mission is to inspire businesses, residents, and visitors on Captiva to make choices that will have a lasting positive impact on our island environment.  


Our vision is an eco-friendly Captiva Island where all community members and visitors show respect for the environment through their everyday actions.


Green Captiva was born in the hearts of a group of individuals with a desire to set in motion a community-wide shift toward environmentally conscious living on our island.

We are fortunate to live in a place that is home to a diverse and beautiful array of plants and animals. Our residents, visitors, and business owners are united by a common appreciation for our natural surroundings, and we must all work together to protect these precious resources for the future.

As an organization, we provide information and ideas that businesses and individuals can use to become more sustainable, build connections and provide the necessary support to make change happen, and organize campaigns and events that help preserve and protect the ocean and our local flora and fauna.


In Fall 2017, South Seas Island Resort became our first partner, pledging to phase out plastic straws in all dining and beverage establishments on the resort property and add vegan options to their menus.


We approach sustainability from a variety of angles, working with our partners to identify steps that are both achievable and impactful. Some of our current efforts include:

  • Educating businesses and individuals about the negative effects of single-use disposable plastic items on our oceans and wildlife
  • Educating businesses and their employees about the importance of responsible waste management
  • Organizing community beach cleanups
  • Implementing a campaign for Captiva to become a strawless and single-use disposable plastic free island
  • Working with restaurants to develop healthier, more environmentally friendly menu items
  • Sharing the progress of our campaigns and projects with the community, and encouraging residents and visitors to celebrate and support businesses that are committed to building a more sustainable future